Direct2HR is an online automated service system which can be accessed by submitting valid and authorised employee login id and password. Direct2HR is powered by Safeway and it allows to access paychecks and absence balances anywhere, anytime, and on any device. With the Employee service center, employees of Safeway will be allowed to submit, check, or update the status.

Direct2HR is one-stop service to find and access your HR information as well. Available benefits included update your phone, email, or address, view your paycheck and absence balances, maintain your personal data, find helpful information, search for HR FAQ’s, submit, update, or check the status of your online case, and get access to many more helpful tools at your fingertips.
Number of Employees280,000 (2017)
Parental Website
CountryUnited States

Albertsons employees can log into the official portal and get access to the benefits as well. This online website is run by Safeway which is a subsidiary of Albertsons and it lets to get access to the offers such as benefits, employee information, schedules, and company information. Albertsons login process will be eligible to make it quick and easy to reach any information that you need.

Albertsons Employee Login at

If you want to get access to the employee information, you can able to access the Albertsons Login by considering below login steps such as:

  • Firstly, open official website from your preferred web browser.
  • If you already have an employee account, you can choose the option login with one time PIN to sign in without an account.
  • On the login web page, you can enter your employee number or user identification name.
  • Now, you can add your password or your one time PIN in the second box on the login web page.
  • Finally, tap on the blue login button on official web page.

Albertsons Login Help

If in case of forgotten password, you can easily recover it by clicking on forgot password option on the main login web page. In order to access your employee account, you can also click on the link request one time pin to get a temporary password. Both of these options will require you to provide your account user name so that you will have to speak to your manager or HR representative if you are not able to remember your user name or employee number.


Direct2HR Safeway HR Direct Employee Benefits

As Safeway is an innovative fortune 100 company which showing diversity, enthusiasm, and diversity in various locations across U.S. and Canada. The employees who are working at the company allows to making health and wellness part of everyday operations.

According to the Pro-Employee philosophy, it offers a total compensation package which helps the employees to take charge of their health today or tomorrow. It has been provided different kinds of tools which are designed to help the employees for managing their total health in physical, emotional, and financial benefits which make the Safeway a great place to work. It helps the employees to make informed decisions about health care. As an employee, if you have joined in the team of Safeway, it helps to make the most of Safeway’s benefits program.

Physical Health

  • Choice of medical plans

Based on needs, locality, and eligibility, it allows to choose between consumer driven medical plans. It provides weekly payroll contributions for an employee that can range between $7 and $60 depending on the plan, location, and eligible discounts.

  • Dental and orthodontia

Direct2HR Safeway is allowing to choose from dental coverage plans that included preventive, basic, major, and orthodontic services. It is also offering weekly payroll deductions which depending on the plans and chosen coverage.

  • Medical decision support service

The trained healthcare professionals offering free medical decision support service for employees who are in need about knowing the information, have queries about a recent diagnosis or test results or unsure about the best treatment option.

  • Health and well-being programs

Safeway Direct2HR online service portal is allowing to gain access to a wide array of programs and resources which subsumed stress management, smoking cessation, a 24-hour nurse line, weight management, to help employees and their families to detect the healthy risks and take an action to get on the path to optimal health.

Financial Health

  • Well-being discounts

It offers fitness club membership discounts for employees who are working at Albertsons that varied based on location.

  • Flexible spending arrangements

Flexible spending arrangements are allowing the employees to contribute pre-tax dollars to two different types of discounts. A flexible spending account has been helpful for you to pay for healthcare expenses and copays which are not covered by health plans.

  • Health Reimbursement account

Specifically, Safeway HR Direct offering employee health reimbursement accounts for its registered employees to help pay for medical plan deductibles and out-of-pocket costs.

  • Safeway Retirement Plan

Safeway provides employees with income for retirement programme.

  • Stock Purchase plan

Safeway’s stock purchase plan is allowing all registered employees to purchase the stock and share in the success that they help to create.

  • 401(k) plan

401(k) plan is a voluntary savings plan which allows to funded entirely by individual employee contributions.

  • Employee discounts

It is offering employee discounts which has been subsumed a percentage off company brands such as child care, automobile and computer purchases.

  • Disability Insurance

Based on the state of residence, employees will have access to either state disability insurance or short term disability insurance.

Emotional Health

  • Paid holidays

Safeway offering paid holidays for each calendar year which varies by location.

  • Employee Assistance Program

Safeway Direct2HR Employee Assistance Program is providing confidential mental health counselling, identity theft resolution services, debt counseling, legal assistance, information on child and adult care, and other additional services.

  • Vacation Accrual

Employees will get vacation benefits from date of hire.

  • Other leave benefits

In addition to these, it allows to gain other benefits like sick pay, medical leaves of absence, jury duty leave, bereavement leave, and military leave.

Other Safeway Benefit Programs

  • Open door policy

The Safeway Direct2HR open door policy feature always having open and frank discussions between employees and supervisors to answer questions, resolve matters, and listen to suggestions.

  • Recognition program

Safeway offers a memento or a reward to recognize the services.

  • Performance management

Performance management is a continuous process of communication starting with the goals and objectives as well.