Better Chairs for employees

A relaxing break during a stressful working day may seem impossible, especially when the work becomes more intense and exhausting: a solution that makes it easier to alleviate the physical, mental and emotional tension of employees can be massages directly in one’s own environment. work .

The idea behind this practice is that employees can enjoy the benefits of a massage session and counteract the stress and discomfort of posture taken at the desk directly at the office. Without having to get around in a bathrobe among colleagues, the massage is made from clothes using special ergonomic chairs provided by the therapist who arrives at the company.

Numerous studies have in fact shown that stress in the workplace can cause headaches, back pain, eye fatigue, high blood pressure, while on a psychological level it can cause depression, anxiety, poor concentration and irritability. anger.

These are some of the main reasons why many companies spend substantial budgets to organize and coordinate large and complex wellness programs for their employees. In reality, not all wellness activities need to be so articulated to be effective.

The immediate benefits for employees
By offering a simple massage therapy service to employees, the company can show that they care about their well-being and make them feel more appreciated.

This is not the only benefit for them, office massages can also contribute to:

Reduce stress
It is certainly one of the first benefits that comes to mind – and considering the high levels of stress present in many companies – it is a legitimate advantage. When we are mentally stressed our body also suffers: this is the reason why, after a really stressful work week, you can feel muscular pains in different points of the body.

Even a single massage session can contribute to well-being by lowering the heart rate, cortisol and insulin levels in the body , helping to combat anxiety and depression as well.

Relieve muscle pain and improve blood circulation
Spending many hours in front of a PC screen can strain your eyes and trigger possible headaches and migraines, the most common symptoms of employees who work daily in an office.

In this sense, massages also operate in a preventive function, reducing the frequency and severity of these ailments.

Furthermore, sitting for 8 hours in the office can lower the body’s blood pressure. The massages allow instead to improve the blood circulation thanks to the manipulation of some areas of the body such as the neck and shoulders, often the most congested ones and suffering from muscular pains.

Improve the quality of sleep
Deadlines to be respected, complex projects and relationships between colleagues are not always easy: often in the office a level of stress accumulates during the week that affects the quality of sleep. Being able to fall asleep with serenity and maintaining a good quality of sleep becomes almost impossible.

Facilitating one’s night’s rest is undoubtedly one of the results and one of the most sought after side effects by those who undergo massage sessions, even in their own office.

Improve the immune response
Numerous research shows that massages can help improve the immune system as they increase the level of activity of white blood cells in our body. Nobody likes getting sick, actively doing something to avoid it – even while working – can be a great solution.

Improve focus, energy and mental clarity
Sitting in an ergonomic chair and undergoing a massage therapy treatment in the office can become an effective method to pause your working day in order to recover all the benefits of a rested mind.

After a massage session, the participants of a study by the Touch Research Institute in Miami have even shown an increase in promptness, speed and mental accuracy during a series of mathematical calculations to which they were subjected.

Indirect benefits for the company
How do all these benefits translate into actual benefits for the company ? It is clear that the well-being of individual employees can generate positive implications for the entire company. In fact, several studies have shown that the practice of massages in the office:

Increase employee productivity
Simply, employees are more committed to their company if they take good care of them. Furthermore, by alleviating the employees’ typical physical pains, office massages allow them to better focus on their work.

Attracts the best talents
In such a competitive job market, corporate meal vouchers are no longer such a competitive benefit for job seekers. In fact, there are many ways to attract new talented resources and massages can certainly be one of the most creative on the list.

Increase employee retention
After having worked hard to recruit and train new talent, companies can do something more for them: offering a service like that of massages in the workplace can only make employees more aware of how much the company cares about their well-being .

Improve the morale of the whole office
It is perhaps one of the most significant benefits: including a massage service in the office can only make the employees happier to face their workday. The day dedicated to this brief but significant therapy can become the best day of the whole week.

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