Travelocity Review

Travelocity provides certain deals for your vacation package right from booking flight and hotels to hiring rental cars and cruises. You can collectively purchase all these packages from the worlds largest travel agency called Travelocity; either from its website or its official app. Making your travel arrangement with the plan is usually a good idea as you can able to save some considerable amount on your overall trip cost. Travelocity thinks all about these and gives you an opportunity to acquire your trip saving for everything from theme parks to Broadway shows. Travelocity search activity is unique and helps you to provide best deals for your search. Once you accomplished your booking for everything in Travelocity app or website, it will provide you a summary of your purchase in their My Trips page, which you can view, email or print as per your requirement. You need to make sure that, you must have Travelocity account to book your trip accommodation.

You can score big savings on Travelocity app as they currently operating several promotions on their flights and hotels booking. It is a nicer place to explore your restaurant and flight fare quickly and at lowest prices. You can also find several discounts on their certain packages and activities they organize. Activities like theme park tickets and Broadcast shows generally enable you to gain several discounts on your purchase that Travelocity truely accepts. Apart from this, you can purchase air tickets and hotel rooms collectively to gain maximum saving on
If you have a Travelocity app and created an account on that, you will be up-to-date with their latest promotion through push alerts and notifications. You can even receive great deals on several trips through an email newsletter. You can also get access to some of their exclusive deals on your membership such as FareWatcher Plus which let you pick up your ten favourite locations you want to visit and provides consistent information on flight fare, hotel rents and other accommodation for all those ten locations. This will help you to pick up the great deals as per your budget and estimations and makes your dream vacations come true, eventually.

The nice thing about Travelocity is that it does not charge you any additional fees for cancelling your tickets after booking. They do not even charge you a website handle fee if you are buying a roundtrip air ticket in the same airline. Some companies further charge you as high as $25 per day which can be too expensive if you book for a long trip. Travelocity goes through the customer point of view and provides very attractive deals to their budget-conscious travellers. Although you will be charged your cancellation fee from the airline or your hotel, Travelocity does not deduct any additional amount for their service.

You can use Travel Guard protection scheme to cover up all expense that belongs to trip cancellation program. That is something which you need to concern more while purchasing tickets and rentals on Travelocity. This is because if suppose someone arrives at your home for an emergency purpose and stay for some more days in your home, you have to reschedule your trip or cancel. On that case, Travelocity provides a travel insurance plan that helps you to retrieve your money back you spent on your cancelled trip. The policy also covers stolen or lost luggage that uncertainly held under the supervision of airport authorities. This might not be interesting for all travellers to go for a travel insurance plan, but it is vital to have it on your travel, especially for those who are travelling from one country to another and by using Travelocity, you can enable this policy to your trip easily.

Disadvantage factors

You need to input exact day instead of filling date range of the flights on Travelocity flight searching engine as flexible date searching helps you to get the cheapest fare on your available flights. In case of Travelocity, there is no such type of scheduling feature and thus you have to conduct several searches to get a low-cost fare, which is quite tedious and time taking task. Apart from this, the website offers all essential things and additional features through which you can make your trip easy and memorable.

Coming the Travelocity mobile, it does not receive appropriate ratings from the users. It has only earned 2.5 stars out of 5 stars from those app users because of its unavailable options for booking cruises and activities. Although, the app is having a feature to show you immediate results of your search but no options to book them along at the same time. You may additionally view your journey itineraries from the app, however, you’re limited as a long way as what other account management operations you could carry out from your smartphone.

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